Security Alarm Warning Stickers

10 Alarm Warning Stickers
Warning Stickers

NOTE: Our Security Alarm Warning Stickers read from both sides, but are sticky only on one side. This gives user freedom to place sticker inside window or outside on door.

Security Warning Sticker Features

Ten (10) warning sticker decals per pack

See Thru Warning, read on both sides

Can be placed on windows, walls or on doors

Proven criminal deterrent Stop them before they try.

Easy to read stickers measure 4" x 2"

Clear Vinyl laminated top layer for long life

Self-adhesive backing is weather resistant

10 Pack of Stickers

ONLY $19.95

US & Canada ONLY



Alarm Warning Stickers provide a unique visual deterrent against robberies and break-ins. Our warning decals are a bright red, white and blue warning that your property is protected. These Alarm Warning Stickers are manufactured using the finest quality UV-resistant vinyl material and fade-resistant inks. The self-adhesive backing is weather resistant and warning stickers can be mounted to virtually any smooth wood, metal, or glass surface. To further enhance the life expectancy of our decals, they are laminated with an additional clear vinyl protective material after printing.

Although your home may already be protected by the most high-tech security system possible, it may not be obvious from the outside. By placing these warning decals in places where they are clearly visible from the street, you can effectively deter most would-be crooks from even considering the idea. Security Stickers are one sure fired deterrent that works! Law enforcement and security professionals will tell you that criminals are opportunists and that they are looking for an easy target. Sometimes the simplest of ideas or deterrents such as warning decals or lighting can make the difference between a crime being committed against you or not.

When you consider that they'll save you the cost and inconvenience of replacing broken windows and doors, these warning stickers are a must! For maximum effectiveness, apply one alarm decal to every accessible door and/or window opening. Sold in Packs of 10 - Free Shipping via US Mail.

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